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Full Background Screening/Vetting Services

Who are We?
Apex Customs Solutions is one of the most innovative and trusted agencies in South Africa. Focused on customer satisfaction, Value Add, Price Competitiveness & Creating Partnerships.

Our utmost priority is catering to your needs by being a one-stop shop for all your Imports and Export requirements and creating highly personalized service solutions.

What Makes Us Unique :
At Apex Customs Solutions, we focus on adding value for our clients;
We are fully compliant with regards to licenses and statutory regulations
We offer convenience;
We mitigate risks;
We save you money;
We offer competitive prices;
We focus on shortening lead-times;
We offer free advise on Import & Export matters;
We give our customers guaranteed quality service
We dedicate ourselves to providing excellent service, 24/7;
Our company location is near the Durban Port and 20km from the Airport;
We hold a valid license to trade, issued by South African Revenue Service (SARS)

This is a BBBEE LEVEL 1 Company with 50% female and 50% male ownership.
The experience and the high level of education that both the company directors have is one of the reasons why successful individuals and companies should do business with Apex Customs Solutions.

We pride ourselves with ethical, trustworthy and professionalism that we display when conducting business.

Our Vision....
We want to be rated amongst the top 10 rated Logistics Companies Nationally.

Our Mission....
We provide high quality service (we keep to our promise). We provide cost-effective services (fair prices), and transparency in our pricing structure.
Screening, Verification and Training:
We ensure that our customers are serviced by well-informed staff who are trained in what they do.  Our staff are background- screened for the following:
  • Citizenship
  • Credit search
  • Criminal check
  • Character reference
  • Driver’s license verification
This is done to ensure that our customers feel safe and well looked after by trusted employees who are dedicated to assisting them.

Apex Customs Directors have undergone a POPI Act Training (Protection of Personal Information). The POPI Act is to ensure that all South African institutions conduct themselves in a responsible manner when collecting, processing, storing and sharing another entity’s personal information by holding them accountable should they abuse or compromise your information in any way.
The POPI legislation basically considers your personal information to be “precious goods” and therefore aims to bestow upon you, as the owner of your personal information, certain rights of protection and the ability to exercise control over.
Some examples of “personal information” for an individual could be:
  • Identity and passport number
  • Date of birth and age
  • Marital/relationship status
  • Phone numbers and email addresses
  • Physical address, gender, race and ethnic origin
  • Photos, voice recordings, video footage, etc.
We at Apex Customs Solutions have the duty to protect our clients’ personal information and we are obliged by our South African Laws as per the POPI Act 4 of 2013 which came into effect in 2018.


We are partnering with various Cargo Airlines, for efficiency you are kept up to date with regards to the arrival of your Cargo. We are registered to process Manifest (cargo reporting online). This service ensures easy and faster processing of your cargo to it's destination.


We ensure to provide you with a reputable Shipping Liner or the one of your choice. Apex Customs Solutions ensures the constant tracking of your Cargo until arrival and communication is prioritized. We can handle any load, i.e. Full Container Loads (FCL), Shared Container Loads (SCL), Less than Container Loads (LCL), Abnormal Cargo, Break Bulk Cargo, RoRo Arriving Cargo, etc. We are registered to process Manifest (cargo reporting online). This service ensures easy and faster processing of your cargo to it's destination.


We will deliver your Imported Cargo anywhere in South Africa and the Neighboring Countries. We are registered to process Manifest (cargo reporting online). This service ensures easy and faster processing of your cargo to it's destination.


We prioritize the safety of your cargo. Our storage caters for any type of Cargo. 24 hour Security and surveillance camera ensures that your Cargo is safe.


We will collect, declare and transport your belongings to your preferred destination. When returning to South Africa, we will work with you to ensure your belongings are accepted through Customs and delivered to the destination of your choice.


Our Promise To You: 1. On-time Delivery 2. Your Cargo is Safe 3. Door To Door Delivery Service 4. Constant Communication During Lead time 5. Cargo Inspection with you upon Delivery at your destination

 Criminal Verifications: Apex Customs Solutions Utilises the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) to determine the criminal background status of a person which further includes: o Criminal Record status; o Whether the thumbprints of the individual match the identity number; o Names and surname of the individual linked to the identity number; and Individuals status – alive/deceased. 

 Qualifications: South African Matric (Grade 12) Verification with the various Provincial Departments of Education. South African Tertiary Qualifications (Degrees, Certificates and Diplomas) are verified via the National Qualifications Register (NQR®). Institutions not already subscribed to the NQR® is verified via the institution concerned. 

 Employment History: Reference done on an individual’s character, strengths and weaknesses. Employment is confirmed only with a company’s HR or Payroll Department. ACS confirms the following: ✓ Dates of employment, Individual’s position; ✓ Referee’s position; and reason for leaving. 

 PERSAL: The Personal and Salary System (PERSAL) is the central system used for the administration of the public service payroll, which in turn confirms whether an individual is currently or was previously employed in the South African public sector. 

 Fraud Prevention: ACS can assist by undertaking a fraud listing verification on an individual prior to appointment. The verification will return information on an individual’s fraudulent activity. 

 Driver's License: Verify the validity of the Driver's License or Professional Drivers Permit (PDP) including: • The code and date issued; • Expiry date; and • License number. 

 Citizenship: Confirm whether an individual has South African citizenship. Confirm that the ID number is a valid SA ID number. Verify the validity of the Asylum Seeker and Refugee Permit. To confirm the passport is valid as per the Department of Home Affairs. 

 Adverse Financial History: Establish whether the individual’s bank account details are correct and valid and verifies the identity of an account holder against the account number supplied. Consumer credit check with all 4 bureaus XDS, TransUnion, Experian and Compuscan. 

 Memberships: Verifies memberships of professional organizations or institutions through the organisation/s concerned 

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